SAFE CITY HOTEL BYDGOSZCZ – security rules for the COVID-19 pandemic

Dear Guests,

Your safety and health are our top priority. For the care of your and our safety, we have implemented procedures to minimize the risk of coronavirus infection.



  • We follow the current guidelines of national institutions responsible for health care (General Sanitary Inspectorate, Ministry of Health).
  • The hotel staff has been trained in accordance with the guidelines of the sanitary services and has the necessary knowledge to ensure the safety of the Guests (in accordance with the recommendations for the hotel and catering industry).
  • We have limited the number of guests who can stay at the same time in the hotel’s various areas, depending on their area, while maintaining a 2-meter distance between people.
  • The hotel can accommodate up to 336 people.


  • In the hotel’s public areas we regularly disinfect washable and tactile surfaces – handles,  elevator buttons, handrails, light switches, tops.
  • On the hotel premises there are dispensers with liquid for hand disinfection – e.g. at the hotel entrance, at the reception desk, at the entrance to the elevator, at the restaurant entrance, in the public toilets.
  • The public toilets may be used only by the hotel and restaurant guests. There are instructions concerning: washing hands, hand disinfection, taking off and putting on gloves, taking off and putting on a protective mask.
  • We have increased the frequency of air exchange in the building and the frequency of airing the rooms.
  • The lift can be used by one person or persons living in one room.
  • In public areas it is obligatory to wear masks.


  • There are protective covers on the reception counter.
  • The reception staff use protective masks and gloves.
  • The staff disinfects their workplaces regularly.
  • In the reception hall there are dispensers with liquid for hand disinfection – among others at the hotel entrance, at the entrance to the elevator.
  • At the reception desk we provide the possibility to purchase protective masks and gel for hand disinfection.
  • Only one person can stay at one reception desk. Guests waiting at the reception should keep an appropriate distance – 2m.
  • At the reception desk there are certified non-contact electronic thermometers. During the check-in the temperature is measured.


  • Only the person registered in the hotel can stay in the room.
  • The rooms are fully disinfected with all equipment and flat surfaces.
  • Cleaning of the room during the Guest’s stay takes place only on his or her request.
  • Meals are delivered to the room in safe packaging upon guest’s request. Guests can also use catering services in the restaurant.
  • After the guest checks out, the room is thoroughly cleaned, including ozone, and aired.


  • Catering services are available for hotel and non-hotel guests according to the sanitary regime.
  • The restaurant is open, it also provides room service and to take away.
  • The outdoor garden is also open.
  • For safety reasons we have introduced a limit of people in the restaurant, bar and outdoor garden.
  • Guests entering the restaurant are required to disinfect their hands. They are waiting for the service, which measures their temperature and discharges them to the tables.
  • There is a rule that one table can be shared by a family or people who are in the same household. Otherwise, there should be one person at a table.
  • Restaurant guests sitting at the table can take off the mask.
  • Orders should be placed at the table. The service at the bar is stopped.
  • Common areas are disinfected every 15 minutes.
  • Employees in contact with food observe the rules: HEALTH AND SAFETY AT WORK, HACCP, Good Hygiene and Production Practices. Each of them uses protective clothing such as: disposable apron, changeable shoes, caps, gloves, protective masks.Bed linen and towels are subject to thermal disinfection.


  • While observing the rules of sanitary regime, guests may use the sauna, gym, whirlpool bath. Available only as an exclusive booking option. The hotel bicycle rental is open. The equipment is disinfected after each Guest.
  • While maintaining safety rules, guests can use the casino and hairdressing salon, massage.


  • Our employees work in protective masks/face shields
  • and in gloves, and use hand disinfectant.
  • We control the temperature of the employees every day before starting work.
  • Employees with any signs of a cold are not allowed to perform their duties.
  • Contacts between employees are minimised to ensure the greatest possible safety.
  • All employees are trained in safety and prevention procedures.


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