Children’s menu


  • CHICKEN PARTY Chicken broth with small dumplings 9 zł
  • TOMATO SOUP-ERMAN Tomato soup with rice 10 zł


  • CHICKEN POPS Chicken nuggets served with croquettes and boiled carrots 23 zł
  • MICKEY MOUSE CHOPS Chop roasted with chees served with French fries and cabbage salad 29 zł
  • CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS Chicken meatballs in dill sauce served with rice and cauliflower 20 zł
  • GOLDEN STAR Solle fillets in pastry served with boiled potatoes and vegetables 23 zł
  • SCOOBY SNACK Ravioli with fruits and whipped cream 21 zł


  • LIGHTING MCPANCAKE Pancake with blueberry jam and vanilla ice cream 16 zł
  • SWEETIE BELLA Ice cream cup with chocolate sauce and whipped cream 17 zł
  • TARZAN'S DESSERT Banana in chocolate 12 zł

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